14 Prophetic Jewels

Fourteen jewels from the sayings of the Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (s.a.w.a) narrated by Ahlul Bayt (a.s):

* Perform the obligatory you will be the most pious

* To be content is an endless wealth

* Humbleness elevates so be humble, and Allah will elevate you

* The best faith is to know (surely) that Allah is with you wherever you are

* Faith and good deeds are brothers and partners; Allah does not accept any of them without the other

* Trustworthiness brings richness and untrustworthiness brings poverty

* You will never contain people with your wealth, so contain them with your good morals

* Allah dislikes the person who is aware of the worldly things and unaware of the hereafter

* Being good to your relatives (silah-e-rehmi) increases your life and drives away poverty from you

* A word of wisdom listened to by a believer is better than a year of worshipping

* The noblest words are remembering Allah and the head of wisdom is obeying Him

* Whosoever spends his lifetime in seeking worldly things is a looser and going astray

* Whosoever fears from (disobeying) Allah, Allah will make everything fear him and whosoever does not fear from (disobeying) Allah, Allah will make him fear everything

* When Allah gifts goodness to a person, He increases his knowledge in religion, decreases his attachment to worldly things and makes him aware of his weaknesses.

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