The Honor Zahra’s Speech (FADAK)

The Honor Zahra’s Speech (peace be upon her)
HZ. Zahra (peace be upon her) comes to the mosque
When Abu Bakr made his final decision about the arrogation of Fadak, discharged HZ. Zahra’s (peace…) procurator.
HZ. Zahra (peace…) heard the news. She wore her Chador, a complete mantle. She came out with some of her servants and relatives to object Abu Bakr.
When she was walking her dress trailed on the ground, and sometimes it wad treaded under her feet2. She was walking as if the holy prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) was.
Abubakr and some Mohajerin (emigrants),Ansar (friends) and some other people were sitting in the mosque. When the honor entered, a curtain was hung between her and the crowd. Hz. Zahra (peace…) sat and sighed so profoundly and deeply that everybody shook and moaned. She waited to crowd calm down and settle.
Praise to God
I commence my words with praise and thank to God, who is the most deserved praise, distinction, glory, and grandeur.
I praise God for his blessings, praise him for his inspiration, praise him for his extended blessings, first favored to us, and plenty of blessings and frequent charismas he has offered us.
Praise him with unlimited praises. Nobody could afford to thank him for, and the end of them is not perceptible. God invites us to thank him for his blessings to increase them. He sends them to make his servants obedient. He wants us to praise him to fulfill his blessings, and along with that ordered us to ask him for such blessings.
It was because of many spiritual hurts and bodily bruises, the honor could not walk upright. So her dress trailed on the ground and because of that some ladies was helping her

I testify that there is no God but the God. He is the only God and has no partner. This is the word that means loyalty and guarantees the closeness of hearts to belief in God’s oneness. What the wisdom finds he reveals in the minds. He is the God nobody could see him and nobody could describe him and nobody could imagine him.
He is the God makes everything into existence. There was not anything before them. He creates everything without having a sample to copy. He creates them powerfully and willingly. He does not need to create them, or makes any benefit from them.
The only reason of creation is to reveal his wisdom to his servants, make them obey him, reveal his power, and guide them to his divinity. Call the servants to pray to give them glory and honor. He also put the prize on the obedience and the punishment on the sin to keep them far from the punishment and make them close to his paradice.

The rise of the holy prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and the path of vocation

I testify my father the honor Mohammed (peace…) is his servant and his messenger. God chose him before his creation, and appointed him before his rise. God introduced his name before his appointment. This appointment happened when people hid in the hideaway, veiled behind the gruesome, and were near to the end of the absence.
The reason of this appointment is that God knows the result of the affairs and
Commands the happenings of the time, and knows the time of the fates. He arised him to accomplish his order, to make his dominant fate affected, and chose him to be his messenger. The holy prophet saw that every folk has its own special religion, they prayed the fire which they had ignited, and prayed their idols. Although they had the cognition of God by instinct but denied God.
Then God changed the darkness to the light because of my father’s bounty. He removed the brutality from their hearts. He removed the astonishment from their eyes, and made the important matters clear to all. The honor started his mission with the aim of guidance of people. He released them from ignorant, informed them about the cussedness, and led them to the strong religion, and called them to the straight path.
Then God the glorious and the grandeur took his soul kindly, mercifully, and by his own will toward himself to relieve him from the tiredness of the world, and lighten the burden of the adversities. He was surrounded with the virtues angels and forgive fullness of God the merciful, and was made near the despot angle.
Peace of God to my father, the messenger, the trusty of God’s revelation, chosen and appointed from God’s servants, and benefactor of God’s full content. God’s peace, blessing, mercy, and bounties are upon him.
Her speech to Mohajerin and Ansar
After that HZ. Zahra (peace be…) noticed the crowd who were there, and said to Mohajerin and Ansar:
You are the servants whose flag is God’s order and interdiction. You are the holders of God’s religion and revelation, the guards of God on yourself, and the messengers of God’s orders to other nations around you. There is a man among you who deserves to be your master, and he is the person whom you guaranteed to obey him.
The holy Koran and the household (peace be upon him and his family)

We are the heritage that God has appointed us as his representative and accompanied us the speaking divinely book and honest Koran and brilliant light and shining gleam. Its proofs and the secretes of its signs are clear. With us is a proof and justification that its appearance is obvious and its hearing is lasting (it’s not boring).
Because of that his followers are doubted, and following him lead the man to the God’s paradise, and listening to him brings the freedom. He has got the utterance of the brilliant divinely proofs, the frequent advice of God, the duties that has been established, the taboos that have been forbidden, the orders that are enough, the proofs that are clear, the words that are healing, the virtues that are invited to, the affairs that has been allowed doing, and the bounty that has been hoped, and the rules that has been mandated.
The wisdom of God’s orders
So God put the faith to purify you from polytheism, the prayer to keep you away from ego, the tithe to purify your soul and increase your assets, the fast to strengthen your loyalty, hajj to heighten your religion and to renew the traditions and to announce the tradition, the justice to order the hearts and the acceptance of the religion. Obeying us, the household, is the order of the nation, our authority is the safety from dissension and separation, and the war,jahad, is the glory of Islam, the patience is the help to deserve the reward, order to good is the cause of public prudence, interdiction from bad is for purifying the religion, good behavior toward parents preserve you from discontent, piety is the cause of long life and the increase of sympathetic people, the punishment is protection from blood, fidelity to the oblation is the opening to forgiveness of the sins, fulfillment of the weigh is for keeping the property from defect and loss, interdiction from drinking wine is for avoiding filth, abstinence of giving bad names to virtues women is a barrier to damn, avoidance of theft is prevention from bad behaviors, not taking the orphan property is protection of oppression, interdiction of adultery is protection from God’s wrath, justice in rules is the provoke of trust among people, not tyrannizing in judgment is for the fear of rightness, forbidding the polytheism is for purity in acceptance of his divinity.
So put the divinely virtues in its upmost degree for yourself, leave this world when you are Muslim, do not defect the God’s orders, obey what he orders to do and do not do what he interdicts to do, follow the science and stick to it, because just aware servants afraid of God.
So praise the God because of his grandeur and light. All the inhabitants of the heaven and the earth are seeking a cause to reach him, and we are the only divinely cause for creation, and we are the household of the holy prophet (peace…), and we are the favored of God’s threshold, and his sacred place, and his divinely mystic evidence, and the succession of his prophets.
Be aware I am Fatima
Then she said, “you people be aware I am Fatima, my father is Mohammed the messenger of God and the last prophet. This is my first and last word, and I do not make a mistake in that, whatever I do is not an exaggeration, and I do not tell lies. So listen to me with listener ears and aware hearts.

The prophet’s (peace be upon him and his family) path of vocation
She said, “In the name of God the compassionate the merciful, God’s messenger came to you and he was one of you, your adversity was hard on him, and he insisted in your guidance, and he was merciful towards the believers.
If you look at his birth and know him you will find out that among all the women he is my only father, and among all the men he is my only cousin’s brother. And this is a very good attribution. He finished his vocation, revealed the things that lead you to be tortured by God, he turned his head from pagans, and avoided their ignorant traditions.
Broke their backs in his path of vocation, pressed their throats, and invited people to God’s path with wisdom and good advice.
Broke the idols and threw the disobedient heads on the ground, until he shattered their society and they defect the scene. The morning light of guidance split the darkness of polytheism and removed the curtain from the face of justice. The head of the religion became the speaker, the fire of the infidelity was extinguished, and the tongue of the devils became dumb and two faced villains were perished, the knots of polytheism and immorality were opened, and you speak the word of loyalty with some pure people who were pious.
You were on the edge of the fire when the holy prophet rescued you. You were the people who worshiped the idols and gambled.
You were so inferior as a gulp of every drinker, a prey for every avaricious, and you were as a kindling that nobody could bear you for long, and you were under the footsteps of the others. Your water was muddy, your food was the tan skin, and you were in constant fear of attack.
Ali (peace be upon him) in promotion of the vocation
It was the time that God, the grandeur and the great, because of the bounty of the holy prophet (peace be upon him and his family) saved you after all those hardship. After that he engaged in strong pagans and the Arab wolves and insurgent of the other prophets’ believers. Whenever they fired the war God extinguished it. Whenever the power of the followers of the darkness appeared or the pagan enemies open their mouth to destroy you threw Ali, his brother, to the depth of their mouth to perish them. Ali never came back unless he stamped their ears and responded their fire with the edge of his sword. He is Ali (peace be upon him) who bore the hardship and difficulties in the path of God and showed the endurance. He was the closest person to the holy prophet and the master of the God’s guardians. He tried hard in God’s path and worked with persistence, seriously and conscientiously. In the path of God the censure of the reproachers had no effect on him.
However, you had a comfortable life you were in complete peace and security and happiness, and frolicked in prosperity. You ate delicious food, drink soft water, and were waiting the catastrophes surround us, and hear the news. Whenever a war was violated you sidestepped, and at the time of the war you escaped.

People’s behavior after the holy prophet’s departure
When the God chose the prophets’ place and his elites’ home for him and finished what promised him, your hatred and animosity appeared. The religion cloth became shabby and the bones got weak, and that weak power vanished. The swallowed wrath of the ignorant was speaking, the unknown of the affected appeared, and the accepted person to the falsehood spoke, and showed his power.
The devil ambushed, and invited you toward himself, and he became aware that you would accept his invitation, and would be ready to be seduced. When he called you to rise against the truth find you so responsive. When he made you angry toward the truth found you wrathful. So put your sign on the others’ camel and watered it by others’ water.
All these happened when the wound was still wide and did not heal and the holy prophet did not buried yet (represented yourself to the folk as repulsive of disturbance deceitfully and untruthfully in Saqife). For the fear of disturbance acted so fast but be aware you fall down in disturbance and the fire will surround the infidels. These affairs were very far from you. How did you do that? and where do you return? However, you have the holy Koran among you. The book whose orders are emergent and its mandates are shiny and its signs are clear And its interdictions are assigned and its orders are clear. You turned your face from the book of God.
Shame on you! Do you want to turn your face from him? Or do you want to judge otherwise?
This is a bad replacement for the tyrant. It will not be accepted from those who take a religion other than Islam, and they will be the losers in the eternity.
Then you did not wait. When the flame of the disturbance was to be settled, enkindled it and put the wood in it. You answered the devil’s call out. You extinguished the lights of clear religion and chose the indifference toward the holy prophet’s traditions.
Seemingly you advocate the religion; however, you watch your own interest. You are deceptive toward the household and his children. We tolerate your harassments, like someone who endure the pain of his segmentation, and the edge of the spear in his body.

Fadak and the inheritance
You believe that there is no inheritance and portion for us, the household. Are you in chase of the ignorant rules? There are no rules other than divinely rules for the believers. Don’t you know it? Of course it is so evident to you that I am his daughter. It is unacceptable from you Muslims. Should my father’s inheritance be taken by force?
You the son of Abu Qehafe, is it written in the God’s book that you inherit from your father but not me? This is an unbelievable and astonishing matter you have brought up, and how you dare to cut the holy prophet’s relation and break the promise. Where the God the grandeur and the great says: “Suleiman inherited from David.” And what he tells, “My creator give me a son who inherits from me and the Jacob family.”, And says: “some deceased’s relatives are superior to the other ones in heritance.” And says: ‘God recommends in relations between the parents and the children, sons inherit twice the daughters.’ And says: ‘ if the deceased left something he/she should will well, and this a right that the pious should carry on.’
You thought that there is no portion of inheritance for me, I do not receive anything from my father’s inheritance, and there is no relation between me and my father?! Does God allocate a verse to you and exclude my father? Do you say that we are from different religions that we cannot inherit from each other? Aren’t we the followers of the same religion? Or are you aware of the general and the especial of the Koran more than my father and my cousin, Ali (peace…) do.
Now you do not give back the Fadak take this prepared horse to accompany you in the grave and on judgment day will entangle you. God is the best judges, the holy prophet (peace…) is the best commander, and the judgment day is the best haunt. You will regret after a short while, the followers of the falsehood will be the losers on judgment day, your regret will not have benefit for you then, and there is a happening for every news. Soon you will find out who will receive God’s degrading torture and who will receive the permanent torture.

Speech to the holy prophet (peace be upon him and his family)
Then the honor looked at her father’s tomb and broke in to tears and said this verses of a poem:
O my father! After you have gone huge happenings and difficult cases have happened, if you were watching it had not been so huge to us.
We have lost you like a land that has lost a plenty of rain, and your people have been rotten. So watch them and do not be absent. There are some privileges for some relatives other than other ones before God the grandeur. When you went and the soil separated us some people show their hatred.
Now you have gone, and the whole earth has arrogated. People face us with grave faces and we have became inferior. Soon, on the judgment day, the cause to our inconvenience will understand where the reference is.
You were like a full moon and a light that everybody receives it from you and the holly books were revealed to you by God the Almighty. Gabriel was our company when he brought the divinely verses, but after you have gone the door of all good was closed to us. My city with all the width is tight for me and your two grand children are descended that is great disaster to me.
I wish the death had faced us before you deceased, when you left us and a pile of soil was barrier to you. We suffered from the trial of the death of the endearing one that no grieving person among the Arabs or the Persian has felt it.
So far we live and have eyes we will greave and cry with the tearful eyes.
Then she communed with these poems:
Until the day you were alive I had a supporter, come and go conveniently, you were my wing and my supporter, but today I am content in front of an abject person, I tried to distance from him, and I banish the tyrant with my hand.
While the dove is weeping at night on a twig sorrowfully, I am weeping on my sufferings in the day light.
Her speech to Ansar
Then the honor looked at the side of the Ansar and said:
You the mementoes of the holy prophet’s time and you the supporter and the safer of Islam! How come this weakness in supporting and helping me has happened to you? And how come this negligence about my right and the cruelty to me has happened to you? Did not my father, the holy prophet, said, “If you feel respect toward somebody respect his children.” How fast you did whatever you wanted and carried on the thing that was not its time?!
You have the power to help me and carry on what I want to carry on. Do you just say that the holy prophet has deceased? I swear to God that this is a very important happening and follows a great separation and vast rupture, and the healing has missed. With the disappearance of the holy prophet the earth has become dark, the elite have grieved, and in his morning the sun and the moon has become dark and the stars has scattered. With his deceased hops has changed to disappointment, properties has been plundered and his honor has lost, and his honor has been insulted. After his decease the nation has disturbed, and the darkness has surrounded everywhere, and the right has disappeared.
Swear to God the decease of the holy prophet peace be upon him and his family is the great disaster and a huge catastrophe. There will not be such a disaster in the world like this. The God’s book has told you about this catastrophe in your houses and in the morning and in the afternoon. It has spoken to you in your ears by whisper, reading, and shouting.
It is spoken about what the other divinely prophets and God’s messengers had received. The God’s order and destine is unchangeable. (Where it says) (Mohammed is the messenger of God whom before him the prophets had come. If he dies or murdered you will be back to your ignorant and will become infidel. Who becomes infidel there will be no harm to God, and God will reward the thankful.

Tyranny toward Fatima (peace be upon her) in public

This is not far from you the Qaile’s sons! Should I be oppressed in my father’s heritance while you are watching my situation and your society is coherent, you are hearing my request for help, and you are fully aware that I’m oppressed.
This is while you are equipped and have the soldiers, houses, power, and the weapon, and you can defend yourself. You hear my words but do not answer it! You hear my shout but do not come for petition!
Everybody knows that you attack your enemy without buckler and armor, and everybody knows about your righteous and advisability. You are the ones who are chosen as God’s selections and his choice for us, the household. You are the ones who fought with Arabs and entered the hard jobs, bore the hardships and misery, fought with the nations, and banished the athletes without any weakness.
Our relation were like we ordered and you obeyed, until we attained a firm situation. With our hands the mill of Islam revolved for you, the blessing of the time circulated, the arrogance of infidelity was descended, the boiling of the lie was silenced, the invitation to disturbance was calmed, and the religion was formed in the society.

Fight with the infidel rulers
After all these history, after the truth has become clear where you are going, After it is declared and after the right has announced where you did hide it, Why did you return to your past after these acts? You become infidel after fidelity, feared after bravery, you were in the group who broke their vows after they had undertaken the oath, and censure your religion.
Fight with infidel rulers because they do not undertake their oath. If only they regret their doings. Don’t you fight with the group, who ignore their vows and decide to discharge the
divinely prophet, while they start the war? Are you afraid of them? God deserves to be afraid of if you are believers.

Degradation of right by people
Be aware! Swear to God I see you go toward the comfort, and banish the person who deserves the seat of judgment, and content to comforts, shelter to a narrow place from a vast place, turn your face from religion and discard what you were keeping, and vomit what you had eaten easily.
If you and the whole world become infidel God is self-contained of all of them, and God has been praised.
Didn’t you hear the news of Nouh, Samoud, and A’d’s people, and the people after them? Their stories is not known to anyone except God that the holy prophets came to their folks with clear signs, but they put their hands on their mouth and said we are not believers of what you have been sent for, and we doubt what you invite us to it.

Disgrace and torture of God to who descends the prophet’s daughter (peace be upon him)
I told whatever I should tell, while I know you will not help me and infidelity cover up your hearts. But I could not hide it because I was getting weary of you, I sighed to extinguish my wrath, because of my weak supporter, and the weakness of your belief, and to make clear my sorrow, and to finish my proof.
So take the camel of dominion and tie its saddle to its midriff, while that camel has been wounded and its bones have been broken. Its legs are weak and its soles become thin and its flaws are always clear. It is marked shamefully by the wrath of God the despot. It is lightened by the God’s fire, the fire which affects the hearts. What you do has been kept before God. Soon who does injustice understands where they are going

I am the daughter of your holy prophet (peace be upon him and his family)
I am the daughter of who warned you of God’s severe torture that follows you. So you all wiled about me and do not delay! You do yours and we do ours. You are waiting and we are waiting, too.
My God, judge between us and these people rightfully, because you are the best judge. Soon the infidels will find out who is the beneficiary of the destiny. Do what you do soon God the holy prophet and the believers will see you and your doing result is hanged from your neck. so who does the pious action even though small, will see the result, and who does the evil, even though small, will see the result, too. It is the way that everything has been arranged.

Abubakr response
Then Abubakr said in her response, “you, our holy prophet’s daughter, are right. Your father was merciful and generous towards the believers, and a great torture towards the infidels. If we consider his descent among all the women you are his only daughter, and among all his close friends we only see your cousin’s brother, Ali (peace be…), whom he preferred to all his friends. Ali is the person who assisted him in every important affair.
Just the blissful like you and only the wretched is the enemy of you. You are the pure family of the God’s prophet, and his elites. Our guidance toward the good, and our channels to the paradise you are.

The forged tradition (the prophet does not inherit)

And you the selected among the girls and women and daughter of the best prophet, it is obvious what you say is quite right, you are the wisest of all, your right is not rejected, and your truth is not prohibited. Swear to God that I have not disobeyed the prophet’s opinion and I did what I was allowed! The pioneer of the group does not tell lies. You tell what you wanted and quarreled! I take God as my witness, and he is enough as my witness. I heard that prophet said, “We the prophets do not put the gold, silver, land, house, and furniture as our inheritance, but the books, wisdom, knowledge and prophet hood. Whatever remains after us is the guardian’s who comes after us, he has his own rules!
Whatever you are searching for we put it for the provision of horses and equipments for the Muslims to fight the enemies and the infidels and stab the arrogant. This doing is agreed among the Muslims, and I did not do it by myself, and I did not force my own opinion. My property is yours and will be in your hand! We will not take it back and we will not preserve it for anyone else. You are the best lady of your father’s nation and pure tree for your children!
We do not want to take your property which was honored to you, and we will not disgrace your fathers’ and children’s position. Your order is effective in my property. Do you allow me to disobey your father’s order in this case?!
The prophet (peace be …) say nothing reverse the Koran

The honor HZ.Zahra(peace be…) said in his response, “ God is pure! My father has not been reluctant towards God’s book and did nothing against it, but he obeyed its rules and followed every details of it.
Do you all agreed on infidelity and your excuse is just a lie. These behaviors are like the ones you followed in his life.

The holy Koran’s stipulation about prophets’ inheritance
This is the book of God who is the just ruler and the teller who settles the animosities. He said about one of his prophet’s, “Give me a son who inherits from me and the Jacob’s family.”, and says, “And Soleiman inherited David’s.” God the almighty and the grandeur in holy Koran has put divisions in inheritance, he has determined the essential limits of inheritance, and set the man’s and the woman’s portion, somehow he made null and void the excuse of the wrong followers and destroyed every suspicions and doubts about the dead.
But you have deceived yourself and I should be patient gracefully, and God is the helper in return of what you pay.
These two people who have been mentioned are prophets, and you know the prophet’s rank cannot be inherited, and everything can be inherited but the prophet hood. So why am I barred of my father’s inheritance? Does God mentioned in his book: <except Fatima Muhammad’s daughter?> show it to me to be convinced.

Abubakr’s response
Abu bakr said, “you the holy prophet’s daughter, you are the real proof and the tongue of the wisdom. I have not prepared your answer yet, and I do not reject the truth of your sayings! But the Muslims are the judge between you and me.
Whatever I have done these people has put on my shoulder, and I have taken it from you with their agreement, and I did not mean to be forceful and despotic, and they are the witness themselves.

Her speech to Moslems
The honor HZ.Zahra (peace be…) look at the people and said, “You the Muslims who come to the wrong so fast, and remain silent in front of the misdoings and were content! Don’t you think deeply in Koran’s words or there is a lock on your hearts? It is your misbehaviors that cover your hearts and closed your ears and eyes. You conclude wrong and consulate wrongly, and you has chosen the devil instead of righteous.
Swear to God you will find this burden so heavy and you will see the torture as the ending. When the covers will be removed and the hidden will be revealed and the torture that you will not expect will surround you, at that moment the owner of the wrong doings will lose.

The effect of the speech on people

The teller says, “After her speech men and women cried so hard that has been never seen to that moment, Medina shook and the people were excited and the voices rose.

What happened between Abu bakr and Omar
When Abu bakr heard the news told Omar, “Be empty handed! If only you left me alone maybe I could fix this departure and could repair the tension? Wasn’t it better for both of us?
Omar said, “ In that your power weakened and your position became loose, and I sympathized with you!”
Abu bakr said, “oh! So what about the prophet’s daughters’ words that everybody knew what she want and what trick we had hidden for her?!”
Omar said, “Was it more than a hard word which is vanished or was is more than a moment that is faded? It was like it did not happen at all, and I will take the responsibility of the sin.
The teller says, “Then Abu bakr put his hand on Omar’s shoulder and said, ‘What problems you have solved!’”

Translated by hosseinzadeh_vafa
Ref: Fetrat

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