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The nurturing and education of the child is a delicate process in every single stage of his growth. It encumbers both the parents and the child with equal rights for the other party. As the parents are entitled to some rights for the education of the child; the child, also, is entitled to some rights for his being the recipient of the nurturing and the education. Imam Sajjad (AS), says, “Beware that it is the true right of your child that you recognize his being from you and that his good and evil has been adhered to you in this transient world, and that you are in charge of his nurturing, his good education and his guidance toward Almighty God and his prayers; thus, devote yourself diligently to his education; an education that you know will result in his revering from sin and his great reward by God.” (Wassail ash-Shi’a, Vol. 11, p.46)
Whatever behavior the child exhibits, it is the reflecting mirror of his family’s relationship and its educational approaches. The parents, especially the mother, are responsible to reconcile the child with his ‘Self’, to make him familiar with his needs and his talents, and to establish the basis of his social relationships; thus, they should not take the time for granted and devote themselves immediately to the education of the child.
Imam Hussain (AS) remarks, “Make your children learn the hadiths (traditions) as soon as possible, before the corrupted overtake you in educating your children.” (Foruo’ Koleini, Vol. 6, p. 46). Noticing the religious educational concepts and avoiding negligence in the educating of the child from the early stages of childhood will result in the leading of the intellectual structure of the child toward God and Godly values.
Nevertheless, it has been quoted, in blaming the deviated attitudes in the educational system of Muslims and in the entrapment of the Muslim youth in corruption, that, ‘The Prophet (SAW) while looking at some of his children, said, “’Fie on the children of the days to come for their fathers!’ He was asked, ‘Our Prophet! Do you mean their polytheist fathers?’ ‘Their faithful fathers,’ answered he, ‘for they will instruct their children with nothing like the decrees of the religion and when the children seek the teachings of the religion all by themselves, they will prevent them from doing so; and when the children shun the religion, they will become pleased with them. Those are the people whom I disgust and vice versa.’”(Mustadrik al- Wassail, Vol. 2, p.625.)
In another narrative, the Prophet (SAW) attributes the corruption of the children to the neglect and incorrect method of their parents. He says, “Lo Ali! They are away from the mercy of God who make their children rebel against morals and pursue evil due to their own mistreatment.” ((Wassail ash-Shi’a, Vol. 15, p.115.) The healthy issues come from a healthy family and the disrupted issues come from a negligent or tense family. It is inferred from the religious principles that keeping faith in the ‘Welayat’ of Imam Ali (AS) and taking him as the true pattern of education is likely to exert a great deal of positive influence on the education of the children. The Prophet (SAW) remarks, “My Ansar! Educate your offspring with the love of Imam Ali (AS).” (Man La Yahzarohul Faqih, Vol. 3, p. 493.)
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